Musicishare who and why

I haven’t posted in a while, so I decided to give visitors a little insight into who is behind musicishare, and why.
I am baggabee. You can find me on the major social networking sites. I am a web developer who was a selector in a former life. I have seen the ins and outs of the music industry from the retail end as well as the street level where music is really evaluated by quality, not excessive radio plays.

I developed as a result of being in contact with many up and coming artists. I find that many artists on the rise will dedicate their budget to developing the product, and not as much on the promotion. Promotion is just as important and even more so, if no one knows about the project you just spent your last thousand dollars on, doesn’t really matter does it.

The music industry today is quite different, and many new artists have the advantage of using many of the new strategies to get promotion. There are many websites out there that allow artists to share their music on the web, sell their music and so on. I felt it would be easier to just give artists another free platform to use to gain more exposure for their music.

I am a fan of the concept of giving people a taste of the music, then if they like it, you just made a new fan, who hopefully will support your career by purchasing future or other offerings. Simple really. Some artists share entire songs, some artists share samples, either way, the potential for more fans increases.

As a web developer, I am always interested in different ways to optimize the website to attract more traffic, and hopefully increasing the amount of people that listen to music our artists members upload to the site. I am also able to stay on top of current trends in multimedia delivery online. We have been using Flash since the start and so far has proven to be the best cross platform delivery of multimedia.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site, and tell a friend where they can share their music or listen online for free. Remember to support music and buy a download today!

Bless. bagga.


Web Developer, Music Lover, owner/creator of

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