The Return of N.O.R.E.

From 1996 to today. NORE, has been keeping it real. Not real gutta. But true to himself.



I was surprised a few months back when he started resurfacing on the morning shows. My first glimpse was via HOT105 THE BREAKFAST CLUB YouTube Channel. Honestly I never really gave NORE much airplay back in the day. As  a NY head, I knew of him, and the songs that were hits. As far as buying a NORE album, I cannot say that I ever considered such a thing. The music I heard from him was kinda up tempo and more lively than I was into at the time. I was definitely more into ESermon, JayZ, BIG,  and similar slow groove flows.

The first new recording I heard was Built Pyramids with Large Professor. I thought that was a good look for NY. NY heads have been listening to that Durty so much, they doing that bloods and crips thing. It was good to hear NORE come back with a sound for NY that was uniquely an NY sound … all day.

So this encouraged further exploration. The more interviews I saw with NORE, the more I realized I liked the guy, and that I should give his music a shot. Needless to say, I am now a HARDCORE NORE fan. Bless.

Interview With N.O.R.E. At The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 [Part 1]

NORE aka PAPI feat. Large Professor – Built Pyramids

NORE aka PAPI featuring Pharrell – The Problem (Lawwwddd)

Both of the videos above I feel are a nice NY sound. BRING NY HIP HOP BACK. Werd.


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