Jay Z Magna Trail Blazer

Jay Z Magna Carta Album CoverJay has recently been interviewed by Angie Martinez of HOT97 in NYC, and Breakfast Club (Charlemagne,Angela Yee,+DJ Envy) 105.1 NYC. This is tied to the new release of his “Magna Carta” album and the collaboration with Samsung.

I entitled this post Trail Blazer, because the move he made with Samsung is just that. No other rapper had the insight to include the device that most people will be using to access the music. We are in the age of downloads, and handhelds. The marriage makes sense. Jay created the need for Samsung, and others to develop the technology to handle the demand of 10 to 20 million simultaneous requests for the same content, that will also be coming across the wire at the same time. Clearly throughput is an issue here. This is not to discredit the initiative by any means. Clearly this seats Jay at the top of the list of greatest of all time.

Regardless of album sales, the tour to launch the album is the real money maker. Just in time for new baby expenses.

I have appreciated Jay’s music ever since Reasonable Doubt. Some of the business moves he made during the height of his career, made me question his loyalty to the team. As I have matured, and listened to his perspective on business and his career, I can honestly say that I have to rethink my position on his personal character.

HOT 97 INTERVIEW – JAY Z – ANGIE MARTINEZ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlPi4qKdUlc

105.1 BREAKFAST CLUB INTERVIEW -(2 parts 1 hour total) – http://youtu.be/p1Gvi-Em8gE


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